• For two decades, I’ve had the honor of helping the pioneers and builders who innovate at the edge of possible to translate their work to the world.


    An organization's ability to understand and assimilate emerging technology now drives which side of a widening digital divide they fallno matter the industry. It's increasingly becoming the difference between those that "have" and "have-not". And it's never been more important to effectively navigate the innovation landscape.


    How should your stakeholders maneuver in a world of digital acceleration? How do they understand how innovation will impact their lives, and what to do about it? How do they see your role in their future? I work to help your prospects, customers, ecosystems, and executive audiences to understand what’s ahead and why it matters.

  • Emerging Disruptors: How do you connect to hearts and minds?


    I advise select startups on go-to-market strategy and offer 30/60/90 day execution sprints to help you connect to the hearts and minds of the people that matter.



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    I work with entrepreneurs.

    For Enterprise Leaders: How does a market internalize your vision?


    I help established enterprises that are doing pioneering work (that matters) to articulate their vision and communicate their thought leadership to the market, partners, and customers.


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    I do for innovation teams and CMOs.

    For Execs Across Industries: How will innovation impact you?


    I work to demystify the tech future by translating the work of pioneers to plain English. Understand what's coming and the implications it will have on our world and your business.


    Learn about my latest book on blockchains, or book me to speak.

  • "Understand entrepreneurs' visions for a new era of innovation."

    Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos.com

    New York Times Best Selling Author of Delivering Happiness

    "Alison gave one of the most engaging, well-received talks at our conference."

    Roger Magoulas, VP Radar, O’Reilly Media, Inc.

    "Alison presents a smart business case for the world's next digital transformation."

    Keith Weed, CMO, Unilever