Emerging technology gives us new tools to help fight complex modern problems—yet what happens next depends on how they are used.


    For two decades, I've had the honor of working with the pioneers and builders who innovate at the edge of possible to drive higher and healthier standards for our world. I've devoted my career to understanding and driving behavior change, advising leaders across industries and sectors. I'm also the best-selling author of Unblocked: How Blockchains Will Change Your Business, the founder of consultancy Unblocked Future, and my articles about the impact of emerging technology have appeared in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Venture Beat. I care deeply about the future of work, urban environments, sustainable energy, and the preservation of human connection as tech exerts more influence over our lives.


    Born geek, I grew up among the orchards that would one day metamorphize into a dizzying array of Silicon Valley startups. On Saturday mornings I gave up cartoons to program my first computer, a Timex Sinclair ZX81, to scroll my creations across the television screen. It was thrilling.