• I work to demystify the newest wave of tech-driven change for audiences around the globe.


    Sharing a social scientists's perspective on innovation at O'Reilly Media's OSCON conference audience of 3,000 technologists.


    Helping marketing executives understand how blockchains are poised to impact their industries and customers at the New York CMO Summit.


    Interviewing lauded entrepreneur Chris Larsen, founder of three first-of-their-kind companies, including Ripple and eLoan, for U.C. Berkeley's Innovation Week.


    Discussing the impact of blockchain tech for The Data Standard's data scientist community.


    Exploring the impact of new technology on our future with thought leaders at Harvest Summit's Innovation Field Trip.

  • "Alison gave one of the most engaging and well received talks at our two-day conference. The audience of business leaders and decision makers loved her energy."


    Roger Magoulas, Vice President, O’Reilly Media, Inc.

    "Our audience absolutely loved Alison’s talk. She is not only an energetic and engaging speaker, she is an expert at cutting through the hype and making complex ideas simple. We look forward to working with her again."


    Victoria Howell, Newton Distinguished Innovator Series,

    UC Berkeley

    "Alison warmly welcomes her audience into what could be an intimidating topic and makes it not only enjoyable, but inspires them to learn more. Discussions on blockchains continued for many hours after Alison finished her talk."


    Gopi Rangan, INSEAD

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