• "Alison gave one of the most engaging and well received talks at our two-day conference event. The audience of business leaders and decision makers loved her energy."


    Roger Magoulas, VP Radar, O’Reilly Media, Inc.

  • Sample Talks

    A Welcoming Introduction to Blockchains


    It’s a massive gap: blockchains are poorly understood—yet poised to disrupt entrenched industries and shatter conventional business models. Come on in and close the gap with this engaging talk. Not only understand blockchains once and for all, but learn how they are poised to change our world.


    How Could Blockchains Shape Us?


    Imagine it's 1994 and the dawn of the internet. In many ways, it is. Blockchains are poised to bring about massive shifts in our culture, much like previous waves of digital transformation—social, mobile, even the internet itself. What if you could foresee the next era of change? Alison will walk you through what to expect as entrepreneurs build out this new digital world.


    A Business Person’s Field Guide to the New Blockchain Arsenal


    Blockchain pioneers are experimenting with new tools, strategies, and business models that tend to flip and morph conventional wisdom. Get an insider’s view of what they are working on and how it could change the next era of business strategy.

    Blockchains Beyond Finance


    Blockchains are being leveraged far beyond finance—in fact, nearly every industry and every sector will be impacted by blockchain technology. Gain a better understanding of how the technology can change our world by exploring what pioneers are working on in a number of industries, and via a deep dive into several fascinating projects.


    An Alternate Digital Future Is Within Reach


    Our lives have become digital-centric. But digital has also created our paradox: we are more connected than ever, yet more fragmented and less prone to trust. We urgently need something—and blockchains could be just the answer. This powerful technology holds the promise to transform our digital lives with transparency, trust, and accountability that permeates walls, borders, and tribes. Learn how blockchains offer an alternate digital future that could change our lives.


    The Not-so-Small Print: Blockchain Warnings


    Blockchains can be a messy space. Not only are we in the early stages of development, but stories of scandal and greed distract from the real work that is being done to advance this technology and our world. Get straight talk on not only how the technology offers opportunity for businesses and our world, but key pitfalls and risks to watch out for.


    Blockchains: Not Just a Tech Battle

    (It's about Hearts + Minds)


    You can have gobs of money. A kick ass team. Great technology. Yet still never gain traction. What to do in a world in which the best technology doesn’t always win?


    The Six Shifts of The Blockchain Era



    Early indications are that the blockchain movement holds the seeds of our next digital culture shift. Move past the hype to understand the six key dimensions that will change as this technology takes hold.


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