• Translating blockchains to plain English.

    Alison demystifies the newest wave of tech-driven disruption—blockchains—for audiences around the globe. Alison explains what blockchains make newly possible and helps your audience or executive team understand the impact they’ll have in your industry, your business, and our world.

    Plenary Keynotes

    At O'Reilly Media's OSCON, Alison shares a social scientist's perspective on innovation with an audience of 3,000 technologists.


    Alison interviews lauded entrepreneur Chris Larsen, founder of three first-of-their-kind companies, including Ripple and eLoan, for U.C. Berkeley's Innovation Week.



    See what Alison has been up to lately.

    Executive Talks

    Alison helps marketing executives understand how blockchains are poised to impact their industries and customers at the New York CMO Summit.

  • "Alison gave one of the most engaging and well received talks at our two-day conference. The audience of business leaders and decision makers loved her energy."


    Roger Magoulas

    Vice President Radar, O’Reilly Media, Inc.

  • "Our audience absolutely loved Alison’s talk. She is not only an energetic and engaging speaker, she is an expert at cutting through the hype and making complex ideas simple. We look forward to working with her again."


    Victoria Howell

    Newton Distinguished Innovator Series, UC Berkeley

  • How could blockchains

    drive change?


    Alison deftly demystifies one of today's hottest business topics, blockchains. Help your audience get past the hype to understand the real opportunity and disruptive potential in this new space. Alison's engaging style and straight talk have been a hit with audiences around the globe. She'll help you understand:

    • Is blockchain real? (and what is it, anyway?!)
    • How could blockchains change our world? Impact your business? Shift customer expectations?
    • How do I identify opportunity and threats in this new wave of innovation?

  • Sample Talks

    What Happens When Blockchains And Business Strategy Collide?


    Blockchains are poorly understood—yet poised to disrupt entrenched industries and shatter business models. Understand how entrepreneurs plan to leverage blockchains to tap into new opportunity, shift conventional wisdom, and potentially even reshape markets and industries across the business landscape. Retrain your brain to spot signs of momentum.

    The Customer of the Blockchain Future


    Like the internet, blockchains hold the potential to change the balance of power and set new expectations from your customers, whether your business is B2B, B2C, or B2B2C. How could the technology shift paradigms and strategy, even if your business doesn’t use blockchains? What does the customer of the blockchain future look like?

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