• News & Perspective

    Published in VentureBeat: As we enter a new era of mobility, how do we help the machines not only communicate, but collaborate?

    MIT's Inclusive Innovation Challenge Regional Finalists Announced

    I was honored to serve as a judge in MIT's 2019 Inclusive Innovation Challenge: 60 global future of work finalists compete for $1M in November.

    Will Collaboration

    Be The New Competition?

    Published in Forbes: New technology can challenge long-held beliefs in management science—how will this rewrite competitive advantage?

    I shared my perspective with Manuel Stagars: why is it important to understand blockchain opportunity before the technology becomes mainstream?

    The Hope and Unintended Consequences of Emerging Tech

    I joined a vibrant discussion at Harvest

    Summit's Innovation Field Trip.

      A Cross-Country Trek To Talk Blockchains


    I've been touring across the U.S., sharing perspective and listening to feedback from executives on the blockchain future.

    2019 Brings Momentum,

    Building Just Under The Surface

    Published in Forbes: Teams are making progress on potentially disruptive, complex, multi-year projects behind closed doors—presenting executives with a difficult decision.

    How Will Emerging

    Tech Shape Us?

    I spoke about what we're seeing

    at O'Reilly's recent Radar Conference.

    Launching Unblocked

    at Stanford University

    I announced the launch of Unblocked, a new book to help execs understand blockchain opportunity, during a talk at Stanford University.