• News & Perspective

    COVID-19 Accelerates Disruption

    of the College Business Model

    I explored if this abrupt shift could put enough pressure on the college business model to result in lasting change. (Published in Forbes)

    Discussing Entrepreneurship with

    eLoan and Ripple Founder, Chris Larsen

    I celebrated the 50th birthday of the internet by interviewing Chris about patterns of explosive innovation for U.C. Berkeley's Innovation Week.

    Guest author for VentureBeat: As we enter a new era of mobility, how do we help the machines not only communicate, but collaborate?

    Talking About An Age of Open Innovation

    at O'Reilly Media's OSCON

    I appreciated the energy of the lauded OSCON conference, where I spoke about how incentive innovation could drive new behaviors.

    Innovation Field Trip

    with Innova360

    Government and financial services leaders visiting Silicon Valley via Innova360 met with me to discuss creative applications of new tech.

    Talking Blockchains

    on a Cross-Country Trek

    My favorite part of touring for the book was hearing perspective and listening to feedback from executives that are curious about the technology.

    Newton Distinguished Innovator

    Lecture Series @ UC Berkeley

    I was honored to join a lauded roster of speakers to share insights on innovation, entrepreneurship, and disruption at UC Berkeley's Newton Series.

    Talking to Open Source Developers about Tech's Cultural and Social Impact

    I got a chance to hear perspective from open source developers that were kind enough to wait in line during an author signing at O'Reilly Media's booth.

    Discussing Tech Adoption with IBM's Blockchain Pulse Team

    IBM reached out to interview me about the cultural and social forces driving blockchain adoption for their Blockchain Pulse podcast.

    How Will Blockchains

    Impact the CMO?

    With marketers gathered in New York for the CMO Summit, I discussed how the impact of blockchains will go far beyond cutting ad fraud—over time they could shift customer expectations.

    INSEAD's Building Business

    in Silicon Valley Course

    MBA students from 20 countries came together to study bay area businesses. We were honored that Unblocked Future was a stop on their tour.

    How Could Social Forces

    Drive Demand?

    I explored how social forces could drive blockchain adoption for O'Reilly Media, the second part of a three part series.

    Smith + Crown Report:

    The State of Enterprise Blockchain

    I was honored to provide market commentary in analyst firm Smith + Crown's recent enterprise blockchain report.

    Helping CFOs Understand How Blockchains Will Open Opportunity

    I got a chance to talk to CFOs about the aspects of blockchain that could not only improve operations, but open up new opportunity to advance business.

    MIT's Inclusive Innovation Challenge Regional Finalists Announced

    I was honored to serve as a judge in MIT's 2019 Inclusive Innovation Challenge: 60 global future of work finalists competed for $1M in November.

    Speaking about the Next Wave of

    Disruption in Silicon Valley

    For a conference that brought together tech leaders across industries, I talked about the potential social impact of innovation.

    The Hope and Unintended

    Consequences of Emerging Tech

    I took the stage at Harvest Summit's Innovation Field Trip to explore what's ahead and what questions we should be asking of our tech future.

    Will Collaboration

    Be the New Competition?

    New technology can challenge long-held beliefs in management science—how will this rewrite competitive advantage? (Published in Forbes)

    Something Ventured Podcast

    with Kent Lindstrom

    Kent and I discuss innovation, technology adoption, and why it's important to understand what's coming next (even it if it's still early).

    How to Time Your Blockchain Move:

    Can You Surf a Wave of Disruption?

    I asked leaders from the FDA, Bayer, and Memorial Sloan Cancer Center how they are timing innovation. Here’s what they shared.

    How Will Emerging

    Tech Shape Us?

    I spoke about how emerging tech could shape customer expectations, from B2B and B2C at O'Reilly's Radar Conference.

    2019 Brings Momentum,

    Building Just Under the Surface

    Teams are making progress on potentially disruptive, complex, multi-year projects behind closed doors—presenting executives with a difficult decision. (Published in Forbes)

    A Warm Reception for the Launch

    of My Book, Unblocked

    Honored to sit next to a favorite, Blue Ocean Strategy, on the best seller list, but what really made me smile was seeing Unblocked on the Big Ideas table at my favorite Palo Alto bookstore, Kepler's.

    Five Critical Ingredients for

    Enterprise Blockchain Success

    The more participants on a blockchain, the greater its potential value. Here are five early signals of best practice that every executive should understand. (Published in Forbes)

    Innovation Workshop

    at LAB.MIAMI

    In a workshop for execs from across the US and Latin America, I talked about how we need to retrain our brains to leverage new waves of innovation.

    I shared my perspective with Manuel Stagars: why is it important to understand blockchain opportunity before the technology becomes mainstream?

    What is the Opportunity and the

    Challenge in Enterprise Blockchains?

    Joining the CryptoMondays team on a beautiful San Francisco evening, I discussed the current and future landscape for blockchains in the enterprise.

    Myth and Opportunity in

    a Blockchain Future

    I explored the misconceptions and the momentum in blockchain and its related family of technology for a San Francisco gathering of marketing executives across industries.

    Want to Create a First-Of-Its-Kind Company? Five Tips for Success

    New tech offers entrepreneurs great opportunity—but it comes with a tradeoff. Here are five tips on how to succeed from a successful founder three times over. (Published in Forbes)

    Why Some Executives See

    Crypto as a New Business Tool

    More execs are recognizing that digital tokens can fuel innovative products or axe business process friction—and it's bringing together unlikely bedfellows. (Published in Forbes)

    The New C-Suite Confession:

    I Don't Get Blockchains

    A secret lurks in corner offices around the world: many execs can’t explain what a blockchain is or why they matter. (Published in Forbes)

    The $100B Blockchain Proof of

    Concept Hiding in Plain Sight

    Are you measuring blockchain industry health by the cryptocurrency market? If so, you’re missing the real story. (Published in Forbes)

    Announcing Unblocked

    at Stanford University

    I announced the launch of Unblocked, a new book to help execs understand blockchain opportunity, during a talk at Stanford University.