• CEO, Unblocked Future

    Alison has been helping pioneers navigate the intersection of human behavior and emerging technology for over two decades.


    A social scientist by training, Alison has advised leaders on adoption and go-to-market for emerging technology across industries and sectors over a twenty year strategy consulting career.


    Alison is also the best-selling author of Unblocked: How Blockchains Will Change Your Business, and a contributor to Forbes, where she writes about the impact of emerging technology on our world. Before turning her focus to blockchains and the related family of technologies, Alison had been concentrating her work with early stage teams in data science and analytics, IoT, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.


    As the CEO and Founder of consultancy Unblocked Future, Alison's clients are entrepreneurs and established organizations using emerging tech to shape a new future. She also advocates for the thoughtful development and communication of emerging tech, and works to raise blockchain literacy among non-technologists.

  • Working at the intersection of social science and new technology for over two decades, Alison has devoted her career to understanding and driving behavior change.

    She has helped executives and founders of over 100 companies to drive adoption in new markets and dynamic environments. Her work now centers on helping teams that are working to leverage emerging tech to drive a better digital future.


    An unequivocal nerd, Alison grew up among the orchards that would one day metamorphize into a dizzying array of Silicon Valley startups. On Saturday mornings Alison and her brother would forsake watching cartoons to program their first computer, a Timex Sinclair ZX81, to scroll their creations across the television screen. It was thrilling.

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